Supreme Sauce

"This is the maiden product of the company used as a versatile gourmet sauce. It offers a combination of heat and flavor to be used for as a on shrimp, salmon, lobster tail, burritos, tacos, mozzarella sticks and many other dishes. It is not known as “Your All In One Sauce” for nothing because it can be used as a substitute for a salsa, a cocktail sauce, or a marinara at the same time. It can also be used as an ingredient to make chilli, jambalaya or steamed chicken. Traditionally, it is used with Ghanaian meals such as kenkey, plain rice, jollof, and yakeyake. But our vision is to cater to all demographics in the United States by sharing this unique product. Supreme Sauce is currently available in mild (original) but will soon have a hot flavor to cater to our clients who desire a stronger kick in their dishes."

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