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Supreme Sauce for Any Meal.

About Micah Specialty Foods

Micah Specialty Foods strives to create the best quality products that will satisfy the taste buds of all our customers. This is what led to the creation of our first product called Supreme Sauce. This product was designed to appeal to consumers of all races and ethnicities by breaking into every ethnic food market.

This has been achieved by creating a perfect substitute for hot sauce, steak sauce, salsa, barbecue and Italian sauces Our customers will include restaurants, stores, distributors, students and men and women from 16 to 65 years old. Eventually, the aim is to expand the company by growing into a national and global brand. The company intends to expand our product line and slowly provide other Ghanaian food products on a national and global. It will also blend American meals with Ghanaian flavors to create a product line that appeals to the western world.

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